An Example of a Web Directory List

Before you move onto website directory list, there might be good in finding out what a website directory truly is. Many people think that a website directory and a search engine is basically the same and therefore use the two terms interchangeably. However, they are different from one another.

A search engine works by using web crawlers, tiny tools that spread across the net the moment a user finishes typing out his or her query in the search bar. A search engine works solely using software. A website directory, on the other hand, is a collection of links gathered, maintained, and classified into categories by humans. While the term applicable for the use of search engine is “searching”, the term for activities involving web directories would be “browsing”.

Web Directory List

A website directory list would be served for you upon your entering the query in the search bar. The list is presented in the form of a list of categories and menus relevant to what a user is looking for. These categories are organized with a system that ranks their focus, from the broadest to the narrowest. As web directories are maintained by humans, their link collections are smaller in size as compared to a search engine.

A website can be listed on a web directory through one of the following means: (1) the owner of a website submits his or her link by hand or (2) an editor of a website directory stumble upon the website on his/her own. So what is the purpose of a website directory? Mostly, a directory is helpful when it comes to targeting business clients. A business owner would search for other businesses or people relevant to what he or she serves. The business owner would then be able to contact targets to form an affiliation or join forces with them.

As for an example of website directory list that provide, you can take a look at the following:
– Yahoo
The directory has been shut down back in 2014. But in its heyday, the listing was known as the most complete. It was a paid-version of web listing.

– The World Wide Web Virtual Library
It is the oldest web directory still in operation since its first inception back in 1991.

– Martindale’s The Reference Desk
Probably the most enormous web directory in terms of coverage, the directory features references presented in different languages and fields—from travel to agriculture to economics and science, etc.